Ways to increase Physcial Activity at St Peter's C of E Primary School

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    Ways to increase Physcial Activity at St Peter's C of E Primary School

    Increasing Physical Activity in St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Brotton

    Pokemon Go Adventure ‘Toy Day’ Friday December 16th


    Danny H year 5

    The last day before we break up we can bring games and toys in for toy day to our classes to play and share with our friends at school.

    I like playing pokemon go, so for toy day I asked if we could bring that in and play around school on our phones or tablets. Mr ahmed said we wouldn’t be allowed to do it in school but would ask how many people wanted to do it and we might be able to go out and do it.

    We had a school day and trip to Saltburn. We asked if we could play and take POKEMON GO for toy day. Mr Ahmed said he plays the game with his son and that it would be good if he checked things over first and sorted it out for us to bring things in.

    We do E-safety as a school and that helps us to stay safe on the internet, you need this to play pokemon go. Mr Ahmed sorted out a letter and asked how many children would be interested in going out on a walk to saltburn and around the paths where we could go pokemon hunting.

    We all had to sign letters to say what we were bringing in like phones tablets and other things and hand them in at the beginning of the day and after we came back to school for dinner.

    Mr Ahmed said that it would be good because instead of staying in our class rooms it would get us outside and active and that is ‘what the school wants to support and encourage’. On the letters we all had to agree to be sensible with our phones and stick to our safety training.  

    The trip was great there were lots of us as friends in school that play the game together. We all walked to saltburn along the cliff walkways and up and down all the cliff steps and paths. It was a long walk and everyone was really tired at the end. When we got into Saltburn we got to battle the gyms, catch pokemon and look for the pokemon we wanted to catch. I caught a Pinsir which I needed and a Dratini I really wanted. I hatched some 5km eggs so we did a lot of walking.

    Mr Ahmed

    The day was a superb success and something we will look at doing regularly in the summer term, even possibly allowing the children to do it as a physical after school club. We always try and encourage and promote health and fitness through making good choices. Staying fit and getting regular exercise is something we definitely want children to enjoy and take with them.

     I play the game with my son and after the sports crew said they would like to do it I made the decision to ask the head if there was a possibility of doing this. It is a fantastic tool for engaging pupils that aren’t as physically active as some and a great opportunity to promote the benefits.

    The hard part was the letter, obviously children had to bring in expensive devices and agree to be safe whilst using them and the internet, something which all schools promote through e-safety training for children. The children were amazing at rewarding us as a school for trusting them and their behaviour was fantastic.

    I worked out that the route we walked and then how much the children doubled back and forth looking for certain creatures we all must have walked at least approximately 9km.

    I really enjoyed myself seeing the motivation for children to walk so far as well as up and down 50 steps just to catch a virtual creature was very enlightening and inspiring, the children were also very motivated to walk further just to see what pokemon they would hatch out of their eggs. which come in 3 types 2km, 5km and 10km and can be hatched when you walk with that egg for that distance. I even said to the children i would dress up as a pokemon trainer as you can see in the picture i have a cap and a team instinct t-shirt on.

    I will do a lot and am prepared to think outside of the box to engage children in physcial activity, for me the best part of this app and day was the questioning and the chance to educate on the benefits of using this app for the purpose of A) fun and enterntainment b) the physcial benefits. For me its much like a FITBIT for children with the added bonus of a game.

    A great way to reward childrens efforts and attitudes and promote health, fitness and physical activity.

    Huge Thank you to the St Peter’s Sports Crew for bringing the idea to our attention.