Change For Life 2017

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    Change For Life 2017

    At C4L we try to inspire the children to stay fit and healthy,to work as a team,to respect one another and eat healthily. Some children love to take part in after school clubs but some children dont.We try to make children understand how important it is to stay fit and active. We are always supportive and confident here at change 4 life and we love helping children stay sporty. We have loads of fun and everyone enjoys taking part , mostly the leaders . C4L!

    Every week as a team we choose one member to receive a 'certificate of achievement '. This helps the children feel more welcome and realise they can do anything if they try ! We try to make children want to be more involved in games and try to master many different skills . We have a display in the hall to promote the C4L message and to show others the fun activites we do together. On this board the child who has received the achievement certificate has their name on the board with the reason why they were chosen.



    Our aim in change for life is to help people to stay fit and healthy. We also want to help those who dont do enough exercise and who eat more sugar than they should be. Also,we would like to inspire people so they will eat well,move more and live longer.

    We will do this by encouragement,praise and promotion of the change for life message, we will try to engage our members in every session. When new people join change for life, we like to play games to get to know each other so they will be more confident with people and make friends. If the children have been working hard or participating well, we give them stickers to boost their confidence.

    In the near future we want to encourage healthy eating and we will be preparing some nutritious meals ourselves.



    24/1/17 Change For Life Session

    In our Change for Life club on Tuesday we began the session with naming our bear our new bear, we then asked the children what there favourite sport and game as we wanted all members to be included in deciding which games they would like to play in the future.

    All of the children were asked which name they preferred and after voting we came to a decision . The C4L bear at St. Oswalds is called Freddy.

    In this session we had five new members so we all introduced ourselves and talked about the change for life message. We want all of the children to enjoy themselves and make new friends whilst staying active. After introductions we played a newly made up game which another champion has worked on, it is called Splash. The game involved memory skills and leaping from hoop to hoop to aviod the shark infestated waters. We also enjoyed skipping and dodgeball during our time. We felt the new children all left with a smile on their face. We also handed out stickers and gave lots of support and encouragement.