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A game traditionally referred to as a ‘collision’ sport with eleven players on each team in protective kit, the schools format is a safe, inclusive non-contact version between two teams of five players called Flag Football. This award-winning tag version offered by BAFA provides both competition and festival formats to suit pupils of all abilities.

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The Basics

  • Each team aims to outscore the other, predominately by scoring ‘touchdowns’ – which involves carrying the ball into the opposition’s end-zone, similar to in rugby.
  • Each team has an offence and a defence. Only one of these will be on the field for any one team at the same time. The offence has four attempts (downs) to move the ball the required distance, or else they surrender possession to the opposition. 


You can download the #StayInWorkOut American Football activity card here. To access the traditional American Football formats please click here.

Download American Football #StayInWorkOut activity card

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