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A racquet sport played by hitting a shuttlecock across a net, either in a ‘singles’ match between two players, or as a ‘doubles’ match between two pairs. The game has become very popular in Asia and is often dominated by Chinese athletes.

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The Basics

  • The game follows the same basic format of many racquet sports, with competitors attempting to hit the shuttlecock (used in place of a ball) onto their opponent’s side of the court. If that opponent fails to make a legal return, the first player wins the point.
  • The shuttlecock is a plastic projectile shaped like a small cone and is formed by having sixteen overlapping feathers (or a plastic skirt) around a cork base. Its unique shape makes it challenging for new players to hit, as it impacts both its flight and movement.
  • Each point starts with the serving player striking the shuttlecock diagonally to their opponent’s serving area. The rally continues until a player misses the shuttlecock, hits it out of the playing area, or fails to return a shot onto their opponent’s side of the net. 


You can download the #StayInWorkOut Badminton activity card here. To access the traditional Badminton formats please click here.

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