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Dance comes in many different styles and formats and can be enjoyed as a sport, physical activity or performing art.

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The Basics

  • A dance competition traditionally involves multiple competitors, normally in groups, being awarded scores by a panel of judges. The groups are placed, with the highest score at the end of the competition declared the winner.
  • Dances can be scored on a variety of criteria, for example: Variety (use of movement, execution of style), Musicality and Creativity, Choreography & Performance. 
  • Competitions also provide volunteering and leadership opportunities and an arena to showcase achievement of an individual or groups best efforts.


You can receive free street dance lessons from the U Do It! Dance Foundation. The charity is working with choreographers across the UK to create online free lessons so everyone can keep learning from the comfort of your own living room. They are asking participants to film their versions and submit them on social media. Find out more here.

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