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A club and ball sport in which players use clubs of varying sizes and strengths to hit a ball into a series of holes on a course in as few shots as possible. A traditional golf course is played out over 18 holes, either as individuals or in a team.

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The Basics

  • Golf can be played in a handful of different formats, but all involve attempting to get the ball into a hole as quickly as possible. The difference is in how the winner is calculated – either by taking the fewest total shots, or by winning the most individual holes.
  • A golf course consists of different surfaces, some of which are easier to hit off than others, and some of which require different types of club to supply a better shot, e.g. a fairway involves much shorter, friendlier grass than the ‘rough’. 
  • Games will often involve hazards which cause shot penalties (such as if a player’s ball falls in the water), or else slow down their progress, like a sandpit or tress. If a golfer's ball lands off-course then they will use a specially designed club to help them.


You can download the #StayInWorkOut Golf activity card here. To access the traditional Golf formats please click here.

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