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A team sport in which two sets of eleven players attempt to score by hitting a round plastic ball with a stick into their opponent’s goal. The sport is occasionally known as field hockey to differentiate it from the North American favourite ice hockey.

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The Basics

  • Field hockey can be played on both a grass surface and an indoor hard court. Players are permitted to play the ball with the flat of the ‘face side’ of their hockey stick, as well as the edges of the head and handle provided the stroke is controlled.
  • Outfield players are not permitted to use their feet or hands to help control or play the ball, whilst there are also tight rules on player contact and obstruction, with penalties awarded against teams that break such rules.
  • A goalkeeper will traditionally wear additional protective equipment, including gloves and a helmet, due to the more dangerous nature of their inclusion within the game. They do continue to use a stick, but aren't required to make the save using it.


You can download the #StayInWorkOut Hockey activity card here. To access the traditional Hockey formats please click here.

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