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An Olympic combat sport which originates from Japan and is now practiced in over 200 hundred countries throughout the world. Competitors use their whole body to both attack and defend with each combatant aiming to throw or takedown their opponent.

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The Basics

  • Competitive judo is scored by competitors successfully executing one of a number of set moves. The goal is to score an ‘ippon’, a 'full point', which will constitute an outright win and the contest will be finished. ‘Half Point’ scores are called a ‘Waza-ari’. Two ‘Waza-ari’ are the equivalent of one ‘Ippon’. ‘Waza-ari-awasete-ippon’ and the contest will be finished.
  • You can score an 'ippon' by throwing your opponent flat on their back; holding them down in a pin, mainly on their back, for 20 seconds; applying a joint lock on the elbow forcing you opponent into submission; or applying a choke forcing your opponent into submission. These rules can be adapted based on the age and skill of the competitors. 
  • There are seven weight categories for both men and women - as has been in place since the 1992 Olympic Games - with contests up to four minutes in duration, followed by a 'golden score' period should a winner not be found earlier.


You can download the #StayInWorkOut Judo activity card here. To access the traditional Judo formats please click here.

Download Judo #StayInWorkOut activity card

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