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A water-based sport in which individuals or crews race to reach the finish line first; one of the oldest sports, dating its origins back to Ancient Egypt, rowing is now popular worldwide and is one of the cornerstones of the Summer Olympic Games.

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The Basics

  • Rowing involves the use of oars on both sides of the boat. Predominately, each rower operates a pair of oars, known as sculling. However, there is also sweep-oar rowing, in which pairs of rowers sit side-by-side and handle one oar each.
  • Each rower, or pair of rowers, will sit in formation down the length of the boat facing the opposite direction to which they are propelling the boat. A coxswain, or ‘cox’, may also sit at the stern of the boat facing their teammates in order to steer.
  • Rowing demands quite a specific technique in order to produce the best results. This can be practices on rowing machines which are common place at most public gyms and exercise facilities.

British Rowing Virtual Championships: 27-28 June

British Rowing is delighted to launch the first British Rowing Virtual Championships bringing together indoor rowers from across the country and beyond for a weekend of real-time, side-by-side racing. Taking place on the weekend of 27-28 June 2020, the Championship format will comprise 2000m races and 500m sprints for all adult and adaptive rowers, alongside a range of team relays and additional adaptive, junior and junior adaptive events. Participants can register here.

Online Races

British Rowing is also today launching a series of online challenges and races, open to any rowing machine, available for all for free through British Rowing’s online platform

The series of races will run from this weekend to the end of June, and will range from 500m sprints and 5,000m time trials through to 4,000m team relays. The schedule is available below: 

Indoor Rowing Championships Table

Challenge Series

Running concurrently to the online races will be a series of challenges, inviting users to log their training mileage on the web platform in order to cover a range of distances, from marathons to full Atlantic crossings. A full programme of online races and challenges can be found on the British Rowing website


We'd love for you to share these programmes (if you feel it is appropriate and can) on your channels and have put together some social media assets and further information. They are all available here.

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