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A contact-sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field. While there are many similarities between League and Rugby Union, the former has its own distinct rules, competitions, and following: largely in Northern England and Oceania.

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The Basics

  • Each team attempts to score points in one of two ways: by progressing the ball up to their opponents end of the field and over the try-line (worth four points) or by kicking the ball between the opponents uprights (worth either one or two points).
  • Teams move the ball by running with it in their arms. Passes can only go backwards, encouraging players to move in formation along the width of the pitch to give their teammates options. A forward pass results in a penalty and a turnover in possession. 
  • The main difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union is that in the former the attacking team, or the team with the ball, are only allowed a maximum of six tackles against them before they must either score or kick the ball away. 


Here you can find activities developed by the Rugby League for primary and secondary aged young people. Download here

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