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There are multiple water-based sports, including both individual and team-based games. Some of the most popular, outside of swimming, include water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, and different forms of water aerobics or other exercise.

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The Basics

Swimming is completely unique. It’s the only sport that can ultimately save lives through the life skills that it requires, as well as offering a combination of fun, health and wellbeing, and fitness benefits.

The importance of swimming is widely recognised. It’s part of the national curriculum for physical education (PE) in England. All schools must provide swimming instruction either in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 and there are minimum requirements set by government for swimming and water safety.

The national governing body, Swim England , supports schools in delivering curriculum swimming lessons, as well as helping people of all ages and abilities to learn how to swim and develop their lifelong love of water-based activity. It does this through unique programmes such as its School Swimming and Water Safety Charter  and Learn to Swim Programme. Focus is always on confidence, safety and enjoyment in the water. There is also athlete development support, with clear routes into clubs and more advanced training for competition.


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