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A hugely popular racket sport that can be played both individually or between two teams of two players on different surfaces; each player or team uses a tennis racket to strike a felt covered rubber ball over a net and into their opponent’s court.

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The Basics

  • During a game, players strike the ball backwards and forwards over the net using their rackets whilst attempting to score a point. A point is scored when a player’s opponent is unable to return the ball, or an illegal shot is made which goes outside of the court.
  • Matches consist of sets and to win a set, a player must be the first to win six games. If the scores are level, an additional game can be played (known as a tiebreak), or a set continues until one player has won two more games than their opponent.
  • Games are the first to four points, again provided that the winning player is ahead by at least two points. Points are scored 15, 30, and 40; if the two players are tied on 40 this is known as ‘deuce’ and a player must win two points in a row from ‘deuce’ to win.


Using a set of resources created by the Lawn Tennis Association you can improve your tennis skills any time, any place, with their Home Activities hub. It's full of activities for the whole family. Even “that” uncle who gets way too competitive. This hub is divided into four areas, all of which are freely accessible and can be found here.

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