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A multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three unique disciplines which, traditionally, consists of swimming, cycling and running elements. The disciplines must be done consecutively in sequence and without intervals.

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The Basics

  • The traditional form of triathlon, as seem at the Summer Olympic Games, starts with swimming and is followed by cycling and running in that order. Special areas are set up where competitors are able to change kit and/or equipment between disciplines. 
  • Races will vary in distance, but a competitor’s time is totalled over the full course of the event, including all three disciplines and the time which they have spent in both changing areas. As with any race, the winner is determined by the ‘first past the post’. 
  • As well as being a competitive sport, triathlon is an increasingly popular form of exercise, with open-entry events held regularly. These come in many different formats, including those which involve very long distances, known as ‘Ironman’ events.


You can download the #StayInWorkOut Triathlon activity card here. To access the traditional Triathlon formats please click here.

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