Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

Played between two teams on a pitch split into three sections. The aim of the game is to throw the frisbee to a teammate in the end section you’re attacking. It is a non-contact sport and you can throw the frisbee in any direction whilst trying to keep it away from the opposition.

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The Basics

  • The game is played between two opposing teams on a pitch split into three sections; a large middle section and end sections which are smaller.
  • Each team protects a designated end and the aim is to score a point by getting the frisbee into the oppositions end. To score a point one of your team must catch the frisbee in the end you are attacking. It’s a non-contact sport and players are not allowed to run with the frisbee.
  • Ultimate Frisbee is renowned for its sportsmanship with teams self-officiating at all levels of the game. An intentional foul is strongly frowned upon as it is considered cheating and against the spirit of the game.


You can download the #StayInWorkOut Ultimate Frisbee activity cards here. To access the traditional Ultimate Frisbee formats please click here.

Download Ultimate Frisbee #StayInWorkOut activity cards

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