Year 5's Hockey Tournament At Oxford Hawks Hockey Club

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    Year 5's Hockey Tournament At Oxford Hawks Hockey Club

    On a very cloudy morning, St Michael's Year 5s arrived at Oxford Hawks Hockey Club along with over 200 other children to compete in an exciting hockey tournament. They were spilt in to four teams A,B,C,D; three teams of seven and one of eight. Today was a chance to show off our ability in hockey; we had been training for about a term.

       As the siren went off, the teams started running towards their opponents. Hockey sticks were clashing and eyes were locked on to the hockey balls. Lorna had taught our class the positions and the basic stratagies of how to play hockey. It was like a game of Cat and Mouse however, the ball was the mouse and the players were the cats!

         After a marathon of games, players showed great sportsmanship by shaking their opponants' hands and thanking the umpire. Everybody was waiting tensely as the results were read out by the organiser, Natalie Haywood, nail biting was seen. The results were:

    out of 15 teams

    one team was 8th

    two teams came joint 10th

    and one team came 13th


    What a tiring day!