Football Competition

Safyia Y6, 23 Sep 2022

A Football Competitio between 3 ACET Schools


This week we held a Y6 football tournament between ourselves, Thurcroft Junior Academy and Listerdale. It was lovely to see children playing a tournament after 2 years of not being able to. Every player showed outstanding sportsmanship.

Our first game was Listerdale v Thurcroft A on pitch 1. The boys may not have won, but they showed great teamwork, determination and passion.

Our second game on pitch 1 was our Aughton boys who, unfortunately didn’t win but had again showed lots of honesty and passion.

The girls also played 3 matches: tying one, drawing one and winning one 4-2. When the girls scored their first goal much celebration happened which spurred them on to score another 3 goals. The girls showed lots of determination and passion, chasing the ball and tackling much their amazement. Maybe we have a few converted to footbal?

The girls played brilliantly and got 2nd place!

The boys showed determination and came 4th

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