PE Enrichment - Tubing

Marukh - Year 6, 14 Jun 2019

The school target pupil premium children for enrichment programmes focused around sport. Below is an a piece written from a year 6 pupil about their experience.

Today we went Tubing. I went with Laraib, Lareyb, Hadiyah, Minahil, Isa, Rahim, Farhan, Hasnain, Yahya, Umar, and we cant forget the people that took us, Miss Lynch and Miss Darcy.

It took about 20-30 minutes to get to Ski Rossendale. The teachers registered us and we headed to the tubing area. Last time we went skiing, but today's surface was very different and less slippery. Not mentioning the fact that the slope was much bigger.

We met a man called Paul who told us the instructions and safety cautions. He was also the man who pushed us in the 'doughnut' where we was sat.

We all started going up at the side of the slope so we could tube down. It was pretty long to get up but it wasn't at that point where it was unbearable. Abdullah was the first person to go down and it looked like he had fun... But then it was my time to go down.

To be honest, there was a little spark of fear in me but when he pushed me, I felt like the weight had just lifted off my shoulders. I never thought there would be a day I would actually like speedy 'rides'. It felt so relaxing but at the same time, thrilling! What I didn't like, was that I would bang or crash at the end. Yeah, that hurt my foot.

We all had a few more turns and Isa wanted to go faster, so Miss Lynch and Miss Darcy told him that if you put your legs up while tubing down the slope, you'd go faster. The funny thing is that Isa actually fell for it and decided to do it. That was hilarious. He actually thought he was going faster but we kept it as a secret because we didn't want to 'break his dreams', or we wanted to see him do it again. Probably because we wanted to see him look like a 'fool' (No offense).

Now things got more difficult. We were all losing energy and strength, apart from Abdullah, so it was annoying us all because it was taking forever, but we all perservered and carried on. Some of us took a break just to get our energy back but sadly we realised the trip was over.

It was an amazing experience because we got to bond with others and I would definately do it again. Thank you Miss Lynch and Miss Darcy.

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