KS1 Gymnastics

Miss Williams, 25 Nov 2019

Mixed KS1 Gymnastics St Peter and St Pauls.

KS1 Gymnastics

On the 10th October 2019 two teams from Blenheim entered the KS1 Key Steps Gymnastics competition at St Peter and St Paul's Catholic School. Our gymnasts were absolutely fantastic, rehearsed so well with Mr Gorringe both in school and at home. They wore our new Blenheim sports kits with pride and made us all extremely  proud by winning two medals!! One won a medal for her performance on the vault and the other won a medal for his floor routine. We celebrated our well earned medals with the rest of the school community during our celebration assembly. Well done everyone, thank you for your hard work! 

Year 1/2 - 8 children 

A team and B team 

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