Our New Interactive Sports Wall

Miss Fisher, 10 Feb 2021

In September we had a new interactive sports wall installed in our sports hall to use during P.E Lessons. Year 6 have shared some comments of what they think about out new I-Wall.

"I love the Beachball game best but now P.E is harder using the iboard. I am always tired after my lesson!"

"The quizzes are hard, especially the Science. It makes my brain work! It is funnier than normal P.E! Everyone gets a turn, so it makes P.E fair" 🙂 

"The Bleep Test and the Relay Races are my favourite, it has pushed me to improve my fitness levels."

"I like the fact we use it alongside normal P.E lessons, the relay races are best as it makes us work more as a team!"

"My favourite games are Basketball and Relay Race as it has increased my love for Basketball and the Relay Race makes you work hard."

"The I- Wall makes P.E fun and competitive, it makes you work on teamwork skills and accuracy with throwing."

"It made our class work better as a team when we started using the board." 🙂 

Thank you Y6 for your comments, we are all enjoying using the new I-Wall and developing our skills whilst using it. 

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