Year 4 Golden Mile

Miss Fisher, 10 Feb 2021

A Year 4 child has written a blog post about the Golden Mile in school and how it has helped them and their fitness.

The Golden Mile is when you run 6 laps around the playground. When we first started we hated it, we absolutely hated it but if we had to do it... we had to do it. A girl in my class went happy go wild! She was so fast, she was even faster than our teacher Miss Pearcy! I am a boy who has asthma and you may be thinking I run slow... well you're right but that won't stop me from being goalie in football!

One time it was a normal Monday morning and after breaktime we got changed into our normal PE clothes and went out into the playground.  6 laps later, I could not believe it... I had done the whole Golden Mile! 

The Golden Mile has affected me in three ways.

Number one: I am more fit. 

Number two: I'm better at football. 

Number three: I am more active.

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