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Miss Samphier, 15 Mar 2018

please have a look at the competions we have done so far this year


Football friendlies

Our football team were chosen to represent the school in the 6-a-side friendly at Goals Plymouth on the 9th February. This was very exciting as the football team haven’t played very much this term. As we arrived at goals you could see the nervous on their faces but also the determination. The boys play really well and should amazing sportsmanship but unfortunately the other team had more opportunities and won the match. Even though we didn’t win this time we are all incredibly proud of the team and we know they all continue to impress us.

Bronze ambassador conference- the children who are P.E leaders from fun with sport attended this event as we thought it would be good for the children to use the skills they have learnt and put them in to practice in the Friday challenges 

The Young Ambassador, Leadership Academy & School Games programmes are part of a national initiative designed to promote the Olympics/Paralympic values, physical education, the school games & school competition and school sport. The conference is aimed at year 5/6 primary students who have the dedication, attributes & skills necessary to become your schools leadership academy (School Games Organising Crew)

The Students who attend the conference are expected to be; an ambassador & role model advocating PE & School Sport, Promote the positive values of sport (Olympic/Paralympic Values & School Games Values), Deliver a Level 1 Intra House School Games Competition, Set up & run a Change 4 life club to a targeted group of students, Help deliver break & lunch time activity, Chair, organise & run your schools School Organising Games Crew


Workshop one 

Workshop two


A Good Leader: Students will   look at the attributes & skills needed to become good sports leaders

Leading Activity: All students   will be given the opportunity to plan & lead a sport/physical activity   with a small group

Workshops – Everyone will take part in the following two sessions

Bronze Ambassador Conference was a chance for the P.E leaders learn what a good leader had to do to be successful they learn new and old learning styles and how that no one can be perfect this was a great opportunity to learn off others as different children had different views one what makes a good leader this is when the sliver ambassadors showed the children the difference and all of the key things like confidence, knowledge 

Athletics Comp- Life Centre 

Indoor athletics this was the first completion of the New Year and all of the children were ready for the many events they would have to participate in the events where; field- speed bounce, ball push, standing jump, triple jump

Track- obstetrical rely, 4x1 rely, 1x1, 2x2, 6 Lap 

The children had to focus on what they had to do and how they could be different from the rest of the schools 

School games level 2 sports hall 

3 track events and 2 field events 

Came 6th out of 10 teams 

The children put 100% in to what they had to do from start to finish. All the children were assigned different events to what they are strongest at and one by one where called to do their event. For the girls it was the track events first and for the boys it was the field events.

The children had to take in turns with the events as for some of the events they needed more people, we came 3rd in some of the events 

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