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Cheerleading 6th March 2020 @ Harlow Leisurezone

Posted 12th April 2020

Cheer! 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate... Cook Spinney πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Once again, the Primary school children, staff and spectators amazed us with another great event. Despite some late changes to the venue, the third annual Cheerleading event was a resounding success. The sports centre at Harlow Leisure Zone was packed (literally standing room only!) with parents eager to watch the teams perform. The teams were provided with some warm-up time, where they only had a short time to practise and refine their routines. And the teams certainly didn’t disappoint…. Schools performed in different categories and all of the excellent routines were judged by Mikey Smith, Maddy and Jade from Oblivion Allstars. The kids were awesome; they tumbled, flipped and stunted –with series of motions, formations and transitions which reflected the hard work which had gone on behind the scenes. The result was an afternoon of pure delight for everyone involved; the audience were so supportive and the kids thrived on their energy. Eventually the scores were counted and were as follows: Upper KS2 (large group +13 participants) Church Langley - winners Henry Moore Hatfield Heath Cooks Spinney Upper KS2 (small group less than 13 participants) Tanys Dell - winners Henry Moore Churchgate Pemberley Lower KS2 (small group less than 12 participants) Tanys Dell -winners KS1 (small group less than 12 participants) Tanys Dell - winners

Multicultural Dance festival 7th February 2020

Posted 4th March 2020

Multicultural Dance Festival - What a show!Our student were very excited going to the dance competition :) Multicultural Dance Festival at Mark Hall Sports Centre – it was an amazing afternoon and the children were totally awesome. Despite not being allowed to use the tiered seating, the audience were treated to a range of different dances (and information) about the chosen country. The children performed so confidently, with virtually no on stage practises required. There were outstanding performances from: Church Langley – Kenya, Pear Tree Mead – England, Henry Moore – Ireland, Cooks Spinney – Ireland, Freshwaters – Jamacia, Little Parndon – USA, St Nicholas - Ireland, Tanys Dell - USA,

Archery 7th February 2020 @ Mark Hall School.

Posted 4th March 2020

Bulls-eye! This was a fun event and the students that we brought were students that are always amazing in PE lessons and try their best. This was about trying out a new sport and coming away with a fresh experience to be proud of. Yet again, Harlow Primary Schools continue to grow the game by challenging themselves and providing even more opportunities - this time in the form of our second Archery Festival. Last year we welcomed a staggering 26 teams, this year we had 32! The teams arrived at Mark Hall Sports Centre to take part and between them and the fantastic school staff, they produce an amazing event! The children were grouped and entered a first round of matches, competing against three other teams – each player firing 4 arrows against an opponent equally ranked; following these matches, all teams were re-pooled. Listed below are the schools who entered this morning were: St James x 2 Tanys Dell x 2 Cooks Spinney x 3 Pear Tree Mead x 2 St Lukes St Albans Church Langley x 7 (due to teams withdrawing at short notice) The Downs x 3 Purford Green x 2 Little Parndon x 3 Holy Cross x 2 St Nicholas Milwards x 3

Cheerleading professional comes to Cooks Spinney Monday 2nd of March 2020

Posted 4th March 2020

On Monday morning we were very lucky to have our Cheerleading expert from All-Star Cheerleading Company to give us some finishing touches to our Cheerleading routine that we had prepared & have been working on every Monday at our Cheerleading after school club which the students really enjoy!

Hockey Final 31st January 2020 @ Church Langley School

Posted 3rd February 2020

Our team was totally up for the challenge to win this competition but some students were showing some early signs of nerves in the first game. One of our strikers hit the ball to shoot for goal but unfortunately the shot was hit outside the semi-circle so it was disallowed. If she hadn't panic and dribbled a little bit further the goal would have counted as there was no one to stop her in her tracks. Then we went on the attack again and with a great team effort we got a goal and we had the edge to keep the lead until final whistle went, beating Holy Cross school with great relief. This was the positive start we needed, our next game was against Nazeing who knocked out our other team the previous week but not this team, they played amazing well and beat Nazeing 1-0. Next up was Henry Moore which was a tougher game but we proceeded to show resilience and guts. We scored a goal then they scored then we scored again and it followed on like that until we got a 3rd goal just before the final whistle. Hooray we won every game in our group! There were jumps for joy & a sense of relief but excitement at the same time as we knew we were into the Final!

Badminton Finals 22nd January 2020

Posted 29th January 2020

We trained up our 2 teams as best we could for the badminton qualifiers, giving them the best chance. To our delight they beat everyone in our area in Harlow and both of our teams went to compete against the best in the County. To come 5th in the Badminton county finals is a great achievement considering we do not have the high ceilings in our hall to practice properly so I am immensely proud of our students with their determination & effort! πŸ˜€

Hockey Qualifiers 24th January 2020 @ Church Langley School

Posted 28th January 2020

We had two teams playing at the Hockey Qualifiers which took place at Church Langley School. They both played fantastically, the determination and efforts that they put into every game was phenomenal. Our first team played a brilliant standard of hockey, winning all of their games and getting through to next weeks finals. The first game that they played was against St Albans , they came away winning that game 6-0 . Their second game was against Hare Street they won that one 9-0, the final game that they played was against Henry Moore and yet again we won that game 3-0. This team did not let any goals in which is great considering that there is no goal keeper. The accurate passing, powerful scoring with a reverse push was very impressive and the Indian dribble was performed with great ease and skill πŸ˜€πŸ‘

This Girl Can Festival 19th September 2019

Posted 17th January 2020

On Thursday the 19th September we took 12 girls to the Leisure zone and they participated in a variety of different sports, such as: Trampolining, Martial Arts and Dance.

Indoor Sportshall Athletics Year 3/4

Posted 17th January 2020

Our students had an amazing time at the Indoor Athletics competition. We brought one team of 16 people to the morning event.

BADMINTON ESSEX FINALS 22nd of January 2020

Posted 17th January 2020

On the Wednesday 22nd of January 2020 Cooks Spinney teams will compete in the Essex Badminton County Final! We wish both of the teams the best of luck πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Kurling event for year 3,4, 5 & 6 at Mark Hall 6th December 2019

Posted 12th December 2019

Our students had an amazing time at the Kurling event, which is a new sport to most students. We brought 3 teams of 4 people to both the morning and afternoon events. In the morning the event was more fun based for year 3 & 4 and in the afternoon the year 5 & 6 was more competitive and one of our year 5 & 6 team's actually made it through to the finals and came 3rd overall out of about 20 teams from all different schools in the area. We are so proud of all our teams and the students are keen to play again in the future. We hope to get some Kurling equipment so we can then start teaching it within lessons at Cooks Spinney School. Thank you to our amazing one to one teachers Miss Randall, Mrs Molloy and Mrs Mapp who helped with the students activity throughout the day.

Year 5 & 6 Boccia @ Mark Hall, 29th November 2019

Posted 4th December 2019

Our year 5 & 6 students had an amazing time at the Boccia competition and are keen to play the game again. The staff were instrumental in helping players understand the rules and guiding them sensitively throughout play. Having played in the first round of group matches, the teams were re-pooled with the top 8 teams playing out the finals in 2 groups of 4. The winners of the groups were Tanys Dell 1 and Church Langley 5 – who will represent Harlow in the County Finals (Level 3 events) in the New Year. The results of the Years 5/6 Boocia Finals were as follows (these are the final results from re-pooling): Group 1 1st– Tanys Dell 1 – 8 points 2ndChurch Langley 1 – 7 points 3rdSt Albans – 5 points 4thSt Lukes – 4 points Group 2 1st– Church Langley 5 – 8 points =2nd– Milwards 3 – 6 points =2nd– Church Langley 4 – 6 points 4thMilwards 1 – 5 points Group 3 – Church Langley 6, William Martin Jrs, Milwards 2 and Tanys Dell 2 Group 4 - Longwood, Cooks Spinney 1, Cooks Spinney 2 and Jerounds Group 5 – Church Langley 2, Little Parndon, Hatfield Heath and Freshwaters Group 6 – Holy Cross, Latton Green, Church Langley 3 and Cooks Spinney 3

Year 3 & 4 Boccia @ Mark Hall, 29th November 2019

Posted 4th December 2019

The morning’s events ran really well with many children adapting to the new game with confidence; most of the children had never heard of the game 'Boccia' but now they all have great knowledge of the rules and a few tips to play which they can return to school with and introduce the game to their peers.

Power House Games On Thursday 7th November at Felsted School

Posted 29th November 2019

On Thursday 7th November Cooks Spinney SEND students took part in the amazing Power House Event at Felsted School. The students got the chance to experience sitting volleyball, netball, Kurling, Boccia and blind folded football (Goalball). They had a great day and received a water bottle and t-shirt to keep. They were then presented with a certificate and a medal which they brought home. We are so proud of our students, breaking barriers and facing the challenges ahead of them. Showing ambition by trying new games & adapting to new situations, people & environments.

Inclusion event of Vertigo, Kurling, Spinning & Sitting Volleyball @Harlow Leisure Zone 28th November 2019

Posted 28th November 2019

The students enjoyed an inclusion event of Vertigo, Kurling, Spinning & Sitting volleyball at the Harlow Leisure Zone today. Some students initially didn't want to put on the harness but they faced their fears and then they actually didn't want to leave. #proud

Year 3 & 4 Girls Fooball Festival @ Church Langley 22nd November 2019

Posted 27th November 2019

14 Girls from year 3 and 4 were chosen to represent Cooks Spinney in this years girls' football festival. The event is a fun way of engaging more girls into football at a young age and our girls loved it!

Year 5 & 6 Best team football finals @ Church Langley 22nd November 2019

Posted 27th November 2019

After an amazing qualification round one of our teams managed to reach the finals of this years 'Best Team Football 5&6'. The top 10 schools were all involved and were split into two groups of 5 and by the draw we could see it was going to be a tough group.

Year 5 & 6 Best team football @ St Albans 15th November 2019

Posted 20th November 2019

This years best team football qualifiers was hosted at St Albans Primary School on their brand new multi-sports astro facility which the children loved playing football on. We had such a big variety of great-talented football players to choose from so we actually took 2 teams to take part in the event.

Basketball finalist 18th October 2019

Posted 20th November 2019

The 6 teams who have qualified for the finals were: Cooks Spinney A, Milwards A, Cooks Spinney B – from the morning session. Church Langley B, Potter Street A and Church Langley A – from the afternoon session.

Year 3/4 Football Festival @ Passmores School 8th November 2019

Posted 18th November 2019

We had two teams participate in this years football festivals for year 3 and 4 children, Team 1 included 7 boys in year 3: Harry, Stanley, Rio, Oscar, Domas, Gavin, and Bobby. Team 2 included 7 boys from year 4: Oskar, Ronnie, Harry, Joseph, Cordell, Brayden, and TJ.

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