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Judo at Kingsmoor Academy on the 10th July 2019

Posted 16th July 2019

Overall we came 2nd as a team in the competition. Individual medals were won as well with the following results:- The team was:- TJ came 1st, HOLLY came 2nd, DANIELA came 3rd, ZAIN came 1st, SPENCER came 3rd, JAMES came 2nd, CIARAN came 3rd, AMBER came 3rd, JOE came 2nd, OLIVER came 2nd, BOBBY came 1st, CHRISTIAN came 3rd, SCOTT came 2nd

Mini-Olympics for year 1 & 2 on 12th July 2019

Posted 16th July 2019

We had a great day at the Min-Olympics competition at Church Langley School. It was more fun based activities with music and all children got a medal at the end which made them feel so special. We brought 12 students in the morning and 12 in the afternoon and they really enjoyed the day. The Church Langley Sports leaders were amazing and the event was really well run. Our schools were exceptionally well behaved and it was a pleasure to bring them to the event.

Multi-skills at Burnt Mill the 5th July 2019

Posted 16th July 2019

We had our year 1 students at a Multi-skills event last week at Burnt Mill Academy and all students were excellent and came away with a 2nd placed medal. So proud and happy with them. The events was run by Phil Dawes and his amazing year 10 students which were brilliant with the students.

3 Tees Cricket 5th July 2019

Posted 16th July 2019

On Friday the 5th July we brought 2 teams to the 3 tees Competition at Harlow Cricket grounds. The students really enjoyed playing against other schools and even had to play against each other at one stage too. We had some parents coming to support their children which was brilliant and the students loved the day out in the beautiful sunshine. Pictures to follow:

Mini-Marathon 2nd July 2019 at Cooks Spinney School.

Posted 9th July 2019

We got amazing weather for the Mini-Marathon 2nd July 2019 at Cooks Spinney School. We had every single student out and we had lots of parental support cheering on our students. Lots of staff were running with their one to one students and class teachers were either joining in or recording the students laps. Key stage one had a smaller track to complete and key stage two had a big one. Overall it was a very enjoyable for everyone involved and it will be an annual event held every summer term.

Rapid Fire Cricket 28th June 2019

Posted 1st July 2019

The year 3 & 4 Rapid Fire Cricket team came 4th out of 18 teams, they played extremely well winning their group and making it to the semi-finals. Most of team are yr 3's so next year I think we will be coming home with Gold medals if we keep the team together and keep practicing.

Rounders competition @ Harlow Cricket Club 7th June 2019

Posted 7th June 2019

Thankfully the rain stayed away and we managed to play our rounder’s competition today at the lovely grounds at Harlow Cricket Grounds. There were 18 teams Nazeing A, Church Langley A and B, Fawbert and Barnard, Purford Green, St Lukes A, Hare Street A and B, Tanys Dell A and B, Holy Cross, Churchgate A and B, Henry Moore, St Albans, Little Parndon, Cooks Spinney and Roydon. which were divided into to 6 groups. The Team was; Rita, Cadence, Sami, Suraj, Antonis, Aanya, Tyler, Coco, Lucie, Presie, Carmen, Zain. We won our group beating Tanys Dell A team 10.5 points to 8.5 points and the Purford Green score line was 9 points to 5 points. After winning our group our students were delighted and excited with their performance. Our next game was against Fawbert and Barnard, this was a very close contested game with the conditions of the weather worsening too with lots of wind. The score line turned out to be 10.5 draw game, both teams played really well. The final game was against Nazeing and they had just beaten Fawbert and Barnard so we knew this would be a tough contest. We didn't start that well with Sami getting out on first base but we still kept going with a positive attitude with Saraj, Antonis and Carmen getting a rounder each for the team. Slowly the Nazeing team were getting our players out one by one by either catching it or stumping the post they were running to. Unfortunately we had 10 good balls left but our 2 batters left were Suraj and Cadence but they couldn't manage to get home so that brought an end to our batting game. We managed to score 4 rounders in total which was quiet a low score to beat. Nazeing had some really good player who scored rounder's each time for their team. The rain started then and the wind got worse, Nazeing were on 6.5 points at that stage giving them the win so we decided to stop due to the weather. I was so proud of our team today with how they played and next year we will come back stronger and better. Miss Jordan

Gymnastics Key steps year 1 & 2 and year 3 &4 at Harlow Gymnastics Club 16th May 2019

Posted 6th June 2019

For the first time Cooks Spinney were entered in to the Key steps Gymnastics competition. Harlow Gymnastics club facilities were amazing and the competition was so high. Our year 1 & 2 students have been practicing their routines on a Tuesday after school with Miss Amy and Miss Harris. The year 3 & 4 students have been doing the same on a Thursday after school with Miss Monkhouse and Miss Whitbread. Now that the competition is behind us we will use that experience to come back next year better prepared and even stronger to compete again. All the students really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to do it all again next year. We are hoping to perhaps get sponsorship for leotards for next year’s competition so that we can look more the part like the winning school St Nicholas.

Netball year 3 & 4 at Mark Hall Academy 17th May 2019

Posted 6th June 2019

There were 15 teams involved in the thrilling afternoon of Netball at Mark Hall Academy. More than 130 youngsters turned out and the children in Years 3 and 4 really developed their skills with some expert coaching tips throughout the various games. We brought 2 teams to this event which they really enjoyed and improved their skills with the competitive matches along the way. Teams participating were: Church Langley x 2 Little Parndon Henry Moore x 3 St Nicholas St Albans St Lukes Cooks Spinney x 2 The Downs Fawbert and Barnard St James Holy Cross

Quad Kid Athletics year 3 & 4 @ Mark Hall Academy 24th May 2019

Posted 6th June 2019

BRONZE MEDAL WINNERS!! For each team we needed needed 8 kids (4 girls and 4 boys). We brought a really strong team of competitors. Some of these students are still in year 3 and still did outstanding in their event, I was so proud of the team when they called out Cooks Spinney came 3rd overall out of 13 teams. I feel we will possibly win it next year when we will be going back with much the same team apart from a few. The events were: · 75 metres Sprint · 600 metres Run · Vortex Howler Throw Year 3/4 Final results and placings: St Nicholas – 1,295 points Church Langley 1 – 1,265 points Cooks Spinney – 1,121 points Church Langley 2 – 1,113 points The Downs – 1,064 points Pear Tree Mead 2 – 1,041 points Water Lane – 998 points St Lukes – 982 points Pear Tree Mead 3 – 901 points Pear Tree Mead 1 – 855 points Harlowbury 1 – 820 points St Albans – 772 points Harlowbury 2 – 588 points

Quad Kid Athletics year 5 & 6 @ Mark Hall Academy 24th May 2019

Posted 6th June 2019

7th place out of 17 teams!! For each team we needed needed 8 kids (4 girls and 4 boys). We brought a really strong team of competitors but the competition was really high. All the students tried their best and we were so proud of them. The events were: · 75 metres Sprint · 600 metres Run · Vortex Howler COOKS SPINNEY QUAD KIDS TEAM YEAR 5 & 6 PRESSIE VIOLET HABIBAH RITA JOEY CHARLIE JAMES SURAJ

Netball Final on 10th May 2019 at Mark Hall Academy

Posted 13th May 2019

Our excellent year 6 Netball team worked tirelessly till the final whistle and only lost out narrowly by a 1-0 against defeat to the winners Nazeing in our last game of the day. Their team spirit and never say die attitude was amazing. So proud of the them. The team was Alfie, Antonis, Suraj, Leon, Carmen, Habibah and Corina

Daily Mile started after Easter holidays 2019

Posted 30th April 2019

I am excited to say we have started the Daily mile, it occurs every morning for 15 minutes from 8.55am to 9.10am. All students are participating to the best of their ability on our newly laid track on both the Key stage 1 and key stage 2 playgrounds and they look amazing. See pictures of our students in action on our Twitter page.

Swimming Gala at Harlow Leisure Zone April 26th 2019

Posted 30th April 2019

We brought 15 students to the year 3 & 4 Swimming events from 12 to 1.30pm and 16 students to the year 5 & 6 events. All these students were very hyper and excited to participate in the Swimming gala. Some had individual races and some had team events but most importantly they all tried their best and enjoyed themselves. We are so proud of each and every students on the day for giving their all and for being so well behaved.

Cross Country Running BMAT @ Burntmill 29th of March 2019

Posted 2nd April 2019

All the students we brought gave their best and the PE team are so proud of them. This was a BMAT competition so students were running against Little Pardon =LP and Freshwaters= FW and of course ourselves Cooks Spinney=CS. Points were scored by the best 4 top finishers in the race within their school. The results as shown below along with pictures.

Football Cup 29th March 2019 @Harlow Stadium

Posted 2nd April 2019

Excellent effort from out year 5/6 Boys Football team against St Luke's, unfortunately we lost 5-0, they had a player who played with Colchester. St Luke's only managed to score one goal in the second half and we nearly scored too. We played Little Pardon next and beat the 8-0, it was only a friendly as Little Pardon were missing some players. Charlie scored a hat trick with some brilliant shots. Leon and Alfie scored two and Archery score one. Brilliant team performance and Suraj kept a clean slate which was amazing. See results of all the games below. Round 3: Friday 29th March @ Harlow Stadium 1.10 Little Parndon v St Albans 0 - 4 St Lukes v Cooks Spinney 5 -0 1.35 St Albans v Freshwaters 4 - 0 Little Parndon v St Lukes 0 - 7 Kingsmoor v Roydon 1 - 1 2.00 St Albans v Roydon 5 - 0 St Lukes v Kingsmoor 5 - 0 (Cooks Spinney v Little Parndon- BMAT 9-a-side League) 2.25 Kingsmoor v St Albans 0 - 4 St Lukes v Roydon 5 – 0 Final Table pos P W D L Pts GD 1st St Lukes 6 5 1 0 17 2nd St Albans 6 4 1 1 15 3rd Cooks Spinney 6 3 1 2 13 +2 4th Little Parndon 6 3 1 2 13 -5 5th Roydon 6 2 1 3 11 6th Freshwaters 6 1 0 5 8 7th Kingsmoor 6 0 1 5 7

Cross Country Running 22nd of March 2019

Posted 26th March 2019

All the students did amazing well at the cross country running where they were competing against at least 100 other competitors in tough cold windy conditions In particularly Charlie gave a huge effort and came 4th in the year 6 Boys race. The year 6 Girls race was highly competitive, Habibah came 7th and Violet came 9th which was a target for both of them to come in the top 10 which a massive improvement from last year. We also had Joseph coming 11th in the year 3 Boys race and Ivy who came 15th even though she was tripped up early on in the race, she never gave up, giving her best till the finish line. I was so proud of all the students and they all really enjoyed the day. Miss Jordan

Tag Rugby Festival year 3 & 4 event @ Harlow Rugby Grounds 15th March, 2019

Posted 20th March 2019

We had 2 teams in the morning event and 2 in the afternoon event at Harlow Rugby grounds last Friday 15th of March. All the teams were given coaching at the being of the session and then played at least 4 games against other schools in the area. The students really enjoyed it eventhough it was cold and windy.

Cheerleading 8th March 2019 at Mark Hall School

Posted 20th March 2019

2..4..6..8..Cheerleading was really GREAT! Despite some confusion with the venue, the second Cheerleading event was a resounding success. The sports centre at Mark Hall was packed and there was literally standing room only with parents eager to watch the teams perform. The teams were provided with some warm-up time were they had time to practise and refine their routines. The large curtains added to the mystery during the warm-up sections before all was to be revealed. And the teams certainly didn’t disappoint…. Last year we had 5 schools and this year we had double the number of teams, some of which performed in different categories. All of the routines were excellent and judged by Mikey Smith and Rio from Oblivion Allstars. The kids were awesome; they tumbled, flipped and stunted –with series of motions and transitions which reflected the hard work which had gone on behind the scenes. The result was a morning of pure delight for everyone involved; the audience were so supportive and the kids thrived on their energy. Eventually the scores were counted and were as follows: Upper KS2 (large group +12 participants) Church Langley 69/80 Henry Moore 67/80 St Albans 66/80 St Lukes 62/80 Hatfield Heath 61/80 Pear Tree Mead 55/80 Lower KS2 (small group less than 12 participants) Tanys Dell – 62/80 Upper KS2 (small group less than 12 participants) Tanys Dell 70/80 Cooks Spinney 60/80 All of the children and schools were winners and everyone received a certificate. Our best wishes go to Church Langley and the 2 Tanys Dell teams who are going to perform for Harlow at the County Finals in Chelmsford on the 28thMarch 2019. OUR CHANT: 2 4 6 8 COOKS SPINNEY WE'RE SO GREAT, GREEN AND WHITE TO WIN THE FIGHT, COOKS SPINNEY WE'RE SO BRIGHT So proud of our Cooks Spinney girls who worked so hard in a short space of time to get 2nd place was super. Miss Jordan

Kurling County Final Monday 4th March 2019

Posted 7th March 2019

Our amazing team Kai, Maizie and Maddie in action on Monday 4th of March in Basildon Village in the Essex Kurling final, they came 7th overall out of 16 teams in the final. They also had to win their qualifying games earlier in the year to get to the final. So proud of them. Miss Jordan

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