Cross Country Running BMAT @ Burntmill 29th of March 2019

Ms Jordan, 2 Apr 2019

All the students we brought gave their best and the PE team are so proud of them. This was a BMAT competition so students were running against Little Pardon =LP and Freshwaters= FW and of course ourselves Cooks Spinney=CS. Points were scored by the best 4 top finishers in the race within their school. The results as shown below along with pictures.

Cross Country Running BMAT @ Burntmill 29th of March 2019

Girls year 3 & 4 race ran 1000m results:-

1 Emily LP

2 Ivy      CS

3 Sofia FW

4 Faith      CS

5 Kyla      CS

6 Leah LP

7 Lexie CS

8 Freya LP

9 Carys FW

10 Mollie CS

11 Kyla         CS

12 Amanda FW

13 Martha CS

14 Linus LP

15 Alishba FW

16 Tracey CS

Top 4 Finishers

CS 18

LP 29

FW 39

Cooks Spinney Girls won the team event which is excellent and Ivy ran a brilliant race with coming 2nd.  Overall a brilliant team performance taking the gold medals.

Team picture: Ivy, Kyla, Lexi, Faith

Year 3/4 Boys race, 1000m results

1 Joseph CS   

2 Gifson FW Y

3 Archie CS 

4 Oscar CS    

5 Nana FW    

6 Ivan LP    

7 Alfie CS    

8 Ronnie CS    

9 Braydon CS    

10 Cordell CS    

11 Johnny = FW    

12 Leo = FW 

Top 4 Finishers   

CS 15   

FW 30 

     Winning team was Cooks Spinney with Joseph winning the race by 15metre lead, absolutely brilliant and a excellent team win too.

Picture: Josey, Archery, Oscar and Alfie

 Year 5/6 Boys race, 1500m results

 1 Hadley FW 

 2 James CS 

 3 Archie CS   

4 Dima FW   

5 Nathan LP   

6 Robert FW   

7 Archie CS   

8 Liam CS   

9 Sid FW       

Top 4 Finishers   

FW 20   

CS 20    

Cooks Spinney boys team drew on points with Freshwaters but because the winner of the race was a Freshwaters runner so they were given the win.  James came second with a very strong finish when he passed a runner just on the line. Overall a brilliant team performance, winning a silver.

Team picture: Archery, Liam, Archery and James.

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