Football Cup 15th February @Harlow Stadium

Ms Jordan, 7 Mar 2019

Cooks Spinney started off with a great win against Kingsmoor with a 3-0 win. In our second game we didn't play as well as we could in the first half and had hardly any shots on goal but in the 2nd half the team must have had about 20 shots on goal with some hitting the crossbar and the post or saved so it just didn't go our way giving Roydon the win with a 2-1 win. So proud of this bunch of players and looking forward to the next round. Miss Jordan Round 2: Friday 15th February @ Harlow Stadium Score 1.00 Kingsmoor v Cooks Spinney 0 - 3 Roydon v Little Parndon 1 - 3 Freshwaters v Roydon 1 - 2 Kingsmoor v Little Parndon 1 – 3 1.30 Cooks Spinney v Roydon 1 - 2 Kingsmoor v Freshwaters 1 - 2

Football Cup 15th February @Harlow Stadium

Next Round

Round 2: Friday 8th March @ Harlow Stadium 

1.30 St Albans v Freshwaters 

St Lukes v Cooks Spinney 

2.00 St Albans v Kingsmoor 

Freshwaters v Cooks Spinney (BMAT 9-a-side league) 

2.30 St Lukes v Kingsmoor

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