Crooksbarn through to the County Finals

Francesca, 4 Oct 2019

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It was a muddy Wednesday lunchtime at Preston Park. Everyone was very nervous because if they got through this round then they would go to the Tees Valley finals. 

Here we have some quotes from the runners:

“I am really nervous, but exited at the same time,”- Charlotte B, year 5.

“I am excited because I really wanted to know if I make it into the Tees Valley finals.”-Jess G, year 6. 

“I am feeling positive because of my achievement last year.” -Oliver D, year 6.

“I am nervous because there are only two year four girls and I am one of them.” -Ava B, year 4.

“I am feeling positive because I really like cross country. “-Louie T, year 4.

“I am happy to be at this race and to have come this far,”-Thomas C, year 5.

“I am very excited but nervous because I really would like to get through,”-Lolah Mann, year 6.

Highlight of the race

Alfie turner came 3rd but on the second lap his shoe came off. Everyone was saying he is not going to make it. Well look at him now!

Congratulations to everyone who made it through.  

Well done Crooksbarn this is the best we have done so far!!

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