SY Games

Miss Powell, 12 Jul 2018

A round up of our day

SY Games

There are so many happy photos to choose from but this is a good one! We started off at the Opening Ceremony  posing with the mascot - not everyone could make it and we had a to leave a bit early to get to the other venues on time. Our 8 Y4 cricketers stayed at Abbeydale and here is an extract from an email sent in by a parent:

" Just thought it was worth putting a few thoughts down to say how well the Y4 cricket team has done over the two days at Hollinsend and Abbeydale. After winning all their games in the qualifying session, they performed admirably today in the South Yorkshire finals against tough opposition to win two of their four games. We all want them to do well and win games in these tournaments, but perhaps the biggest achievement is the balance they’ve struck between being competitive and maintaining a really good team spirit. Across seven games of cricket I’ve not heard one cross word or bit of negativity between team mates – they’ve remained supportive at all times and have visibly enjoyed working together. That’s particularly impressive when you have a mix of people in the team where some play regularly and others have never played at all, as it would be easy for the more experienced players to be too overbearing or patronising – but there has been none of that, which is fantastic. Chatting with Tom (Martha’s dad) and he said that you can’t ask for more than seeing a group of kids who, when they have a chance of a rest between games, decide that all they want to do is practice more cricket – and that happened all through the day. It’s been a pleasure to watch them over the two days. "

Comments like that make it really worthwhile, love all that positivity.

Our 7 Orienteers also did really well - one of the boys was only Y4! - amazing spirit and endeavour as always. 

The 18 athletes were back at Woodbourn Road. A slight delay as the teams from Barnsley had a few transport issues but the weather was perfect, and whilst it warmed up, it wasn't as hot as previously - although we missed the ice cream van this time! Once again our athletes put in some fab performances and were very supportive of each other. It was a pleasure to be with them. The icing on the cake was the Silver medal position - the photo attached was from before the results were announced so you can see what a great day they all had!

Thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work during this academic year.

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