European School Sport Day 25th September

Mrs Perry, 25 Sep 2020

How we are boosting our immunity by getting up and getting active especially today!

European School Sports Day

All of the children have benefitted from increased opportunities to learn actively as part of Eldon‘s efforts to ensure that every child is physically active for double the recommended time of one hour per day. 

Nursery and Reception already lead the way with active learning,  with those children already exceeding the target of an hour! Year one took their partitioning to a new level with star jumps to represent the tens and hops to represent the units. Year two have been breaking up their learning and oxygenating their brains through some wake and shake, plus they’ve focused their minds with some super out of this world yoga. Year 3 honed in their listening skills and gross motor skills with some great locomotion and object control activities. Year 4 set up an obstacle course recorded their individual times to complete it and then ranked their times looking at the decimal places. Year 5 used the compass in the infant yard floor markings to  reinforce their learning on place and the United Kingdom.  Year 6 have boosted their brain power by incorporating an under the table pedal cycle, helping them to learn and move simultaneously. 

Every minute of lunchtime and break time has also been seized as time to move. Including our Little Leaders on the infant yard leading some super games for their friends. 

Plus many Eldon families are supporting the day by making sure the children arrive and go home  on foot or by including some physical activity into their evening. 

Well done everybody! 

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