Great to be back

Mrs Perry, 12 Mar 2021

P.E. reflections - what was fun? what was challenging? what can I use in wider life / relevant to me? (personally significant)

Great to be back

We've hit the ground running here at Eldon. P.E. clubs are already underway with the children enjoying  a  full afternoon of P.E. each week    - 12:45 - 15:00 or 16:00 for those who attend P.E. Club (Ks1) and 13:00 - 15:00 or 16:00 for those attending P.E. Club (Ks2).

In the lessons and in clubs It's been great to witness the children learning through a variety of activities and to hear their reflections on their lessons.  When asked: What was fun? What was challenging? What was relevant for them? We gained a  fantastic insight for the children and the teachers. It was fascinating to hear the varied perspectives and reflections that are useful for us all to build upon! Tapping into joy and finding stimulus for success. Whether it be from a social, cognitive, physical or emotional perspective. 

It's also been great to see who has embraced movement in their time at home too. With a Year 4 coming back visibly bubbling with pride that he has been walking 5 miles every day during lockdown! The positives of this were observable in his extra energy for participation in the lessons too! And on an fine motor lifelong  success slant - several of the year 2 children can now tie their shoe laces! A super silver lining of this current time we find ourselves in. 

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