Year 6 Catchball

Miss Salmon, 7 Oct 2021

Year 6 play catchball

Year 6 Catchball


Yesterday, we took a squad of 10 children to Theale to participate in a Catchball Tournament. We all, including myself, went to the tournament having no idea how to play Catchball.

The children started off with a half an hour lesson of catchball from the organisers, explaining the basic rules and positioning of the games.

We then went into competitive matches against the other schools to play for the medals!

Vs Springfields, Lost 5-4

Vs St Nicks, Lost 6-4

Vs St Finians, Lost 8-5

Vs Woolhampton, Won 9-8

Francis Baily finished 4th out of 5 schools, very unlucky not to finish in the top 3, narrowly losing on multiple occasions! The children represented the school very well, learning a lot of new skills during the course of the evening. Well done all!

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