Girls Futsal Finals

Miss Stonehewer, 8 Jan 2018

The Girls team won through to the finals where they took on the best Tameside had to offer...

Girls Futsal Finals

After some great performances last week in the futsal heats the girls were to compete against three other teams, two of the teams coming from Droyslden, in the futsal finals.

The surprise of the day came for the girls when we told them they would have to share a minibus with Fairfield as the minibus company had a minibus off the road. The question is, would one of the teams on the minibus come back with a trophy?

Game 1 got underway with the girls facing a strong team from Manchester Road. After seeing Manchester Road play last week we knew they had a strong team, with one player having played for Manchester City in the past. The girls went ahead with a goal from DW. Substitutions were made from both teams and SA came on to make some crunching tackles. At one point, one of their players tried to get past her but she stood up like a brick wall and got in the way. The girls fought hard but just couldn’t keep that clean sheet with the game ending 1-1.

We then watched last years’ champions Fairfield and it was easy to see why they were champions. They were also to be the next team we faced. Lose to Fairfield and there was little chance of us topping the group and winning. Again

this was a very tough and close match but the girls had listened well. CL was making some good tacles across the middle and FS was getting in the box more. They were all also pushing the opposition up more into their own half as well as playing some good long balls when the ball went out of play. If ever the opposition did get close to our net AR was there to clear the ball. OC also made some great saves in net. After some nail-biting moments DW was to again be our goalscorer. The game would finish 1-0 to Greenside.

Final game of the evening for us came against Arlies. Win this and we top the group. This game would see excellent counter-attacking football from all. From the kick off the ball was played to FS who slotted it in the back of the net. DW then got on the score sheet again with two fine goals and SK got in there with a header. 4-0 to Greenside.


Amazing girls.

Player of the match goes to OC for going in net and improving with every game she played.

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