British Schools Orienteering Championships

LB, 16 Dec 2022

Sunday 20th November 2022

British Schools Orienteering Championships

The British Schools Orienteering Championships was held in Graves Park in Sheffield. We had a great time and are very proud of ourselves. HBJ had a team of runners in Y5 girls, Y5 boys and Y6 boys and we had some amazing successes:

· Y5 girls team - silver medal

· Y5 boys team - gold medal

· Y6 boys individual - Louis gold medal

· Primary School Trophy - winners!

Even though there were a few disappointments, everyone enjoyed themselves a lot, but never fear we did share the chocolates. Evan S (Y6) gave me two words to describe the event and they were: "muddy and fun". Lots of people competed in the competition so to win out most of the primary schools in Britain is a fantastically big achievement and everyone who competed should be so so proud of themselves. 

A big thanks to everyone in HBJ who took part in the competition and the biggest thanks to Mr. Adebola who even though didn’t make it helped lots and everyone should be very grateful to.

So HBJ are the British Schools Orienteering primary school champions!

All results can be found here: and

Extra photos (by Ray Barnes) are available here: 

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