Cricket Festival

HA, 26 Jun 2022

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Cricket Festival

On Tuesday 7th June 2022, our Year 3/4 cricket team went to Hollinsend Cricket Club to play in a Cricket Festival hosted by Points LN & Forges SSP. We took 2 teams of 8 pupils with four Year 3 pupils given the chance to come and play and have the experience.

In cricket there are many different ways to get someone out. If you hit the stumps when bowling then the opposite batter would be out, if you caught the ball then they would be out as well. If the batter on the other team hits the stumps when going to hit the ball, the they would be out too. 

When we got there we listened to the rules of cricket and who was going to be on. Our teams were in Pools 3 & 4. The team in pool 3 faced Hallam 1 & Norton Free, whilst the team in pool 4 faced Halalm 2 and Monteney in competitive games. We also played each other in a friendly and Mundella School.

One of our teams got into the semi-finals against Hallam, but unfortunately we lost by a few runs. Despite the final result It was a great day and we had lots of fun! 

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