HBJ Football Update

BA, TH & CF, 21 Oct 2022

Wednesday 5th October 2022, Monday 17th October 2022, Tuesday 18th October 2022

HBJ Football Update

U11 ESFA Girls-On Wednesday 5th October our Y6 Girls played two games winning one and losing one. We also had a second team who played friendly matches and had a Year 4 girl play up representing school for the first time!

U11 ESFA Boys-On Monday 17th October our Y6 Boys played 3 games winning one and losing two. Congratulations to Westways who topped the group and progress to the next round.

Leisure United Tournament-On Tuesday 18th October 17 of our Y4 Boys went to play in a tournament (for some it was their first!) at St. Georges Graves. After a fun morning of football in the final standings (of the 2nd round of groupings) HBJ B came third in Pool 1 whilst HBJ A came 3rd in pool 4.

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