U-Mix Friendlies-Football

NP & TS, 16 Dec 2022

Thursday 3rd November 2022

U-Mix Friendlies-Football

On Thursday 3rd November our Year 6's went to play Dobcroft & Nether Edge at U-mix in some friendly games. 

Each team played each other twice. The first three games were ten minutes long and the last one six minutes long. We played 8-a-side with 3 substitutes.  

A great night of football with 1 draw 2-2 against NE and then a 3-1 win (DC), 1-0 win (NE) and 2-0 win (DC) to finish off the evening.  Nether Edge and Dobcroft finished as a 3-0 win to NE and a 0-0 draw. 

Our team was captained by Noeli P and Toby S. Tom S and Rohan K made a big impact on the games.

Thank you to Mr. Adebola and Mr. Fairweather for taking us down and coaching us.

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