Y5/6 Girls' Football Festival

SS & AZ, 30 Mar 2022

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Y5/6 Girls' Football Festival

On Tuesday 22nd March 14 pupils went to St. Georges Park Graves, to take part in the  Y6 Girls Links/Points Football Festival.

As with the previous League competitions (yesterday!) for this tournament we included girls from Y4 - Y6 to come and join in to get experience.  It was a beautiful day which say both teams take part in 3 league games and 1 friendly game each. The hot weather made it easier to play (as before we've had to play in the pouring rain) and was more enjoyable although we had to drink lots to make sure we were hydrated.

We were really happy and confident going into the tournament, but it was quite tough playing against older girls. Hunter's Bar  Team 1 (Green) missed out on qualifying  by one point, with a 1-0 loss to Mundella (joint winners) being the crucial game. Hunters Bar Blues battled well and improved as the day went on gaining 5 points and a third placed finish.

In the friendly game the Greens won 5-0 with Eva scoring the pick of the goals. A free-kick from 15 yards out which sailed into the roof of the net

The Blues managed to grab a 1-0 win courtesy of Siri who scored a poachers effort latching onto a through ball before sliding the ball past the defender and goalkeeper.

SS-"I really enjoyed myself and it was a fun day, even though we came second in our group"

AZ-"I found the day enjoyable because we got to play against older girls and this was a good challenge playing against good teams"

 Congratulations to all of the teams who took part and to the winners of the 4 groups, Monteney, Mundella and Dobcroft Juniors from Points and Lydgate from Forge. Full league & knockout results can be found below.


Pool A

1st - Lydgate Team 1 - 9pts

2nd - Meynell Team 1 - 7pts

3rd - Ecclesall Team 1 - 5pts

4th - Woodseats Team 1 - 3pts

Pool B

1st - Mundella Team 1 - 9pts

2nd - Hunters Bar Team 1 - 8pts

3rd - Lydgate Team 2 - 6pts

4th - Monteney Team 2 - 3pts

Pool C

1st - Monteney Team 1 - 9pts

2nd - Hallam Team 1 - 7pts

3rd - Hunters Bar Team 2 - 5pts

4th - Meynell Team 2 - 3pts


Pool D

1st - Dobcroft - 12pts

2nd - Mundella Team 2 - 9pts

3rd - Hallam Team 2 - 8pts

4th - Ecclesall Team 2 - 6pts

5th - Woodseats Team 2 - 5pts

Semi-Final 1

Lydgate Team 1 0 - 1 Mundella Team 1

Semi-Final 2

Monteney Team 1 0 - 2 Dobcroft

3rd/4th Playoff

Lydgate Team 1 0 - 0 Monteney Team 1 (Joint 3rd Place)


Mundella Team 1 0 - 0 Dobcroft (Joint Winners)

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