#StayHomeStayActive Sock Challenges Day 2

Mr Robinson, 25 Mar 2020

Day 2's Sock Challenge is Skittle Sock.

Grab you pair of socks out the draw and roll them inside each other to make a ball.

  • Jog around the house to find suitable items for skittles such as drinks bottles, empty milk cartons or even some plastic flower pots (don't empty out the plants though!). You'll need about 4 skittles.
  • Arrange them on the floor and then stand about 5 metres away.
  • Roll your sock ball towards the skittles and see how many goes it takes to knock them all down.

To make the challenge easier or harder stand closer or further away from the skittles or add more skittles.

To see a video of how to do the Skittle Sock Challenge go to Bexley School Games Twitter page @BexSchGames

Good luck with today's challenge.

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