Bronze Ambassador Conference (05/03/19)

Mr Neaves, 6 Mar 2019

We sent four new Sports Leaders down to the Westgate Leisure Centre to join pupils from other schools to begin their training to become Bronze Ambassadors.

Bronze Ambassador Conference (05/03/19)

On Tuesday 5th March, Stanley, Ollie, Alexandra and Hebe joined pupils from other schools in the area to begin training to become Bronze Ambassadors. As a sports leader, their role is to aim to:

  • increase participation in sport for all;
  • Promote the Spirit of the Games' Values;
  • Be an ambassador and role model for PE and school sport;
  • Support PE and Sport back at school.

They were introduced to the West Sussex West Wolverine!

And then they participated in a number of activities that helped them to learn about the Games' Values and to help them to deliver their own ideas of how they could promote sport back in school.

They are currently planning a "Beat the Keeper" competition for next week, as well as negotiating with our lunchtime supervisors to allow them to run new active lunch clubs for our younger pupils. It promises to be a very exciting time for them!

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