Future Flyers II (12/03/19)

Mr Neaves, 13 Mar 2019

Tuesday 12th March saw our Future Flyers return to the Westgate Centre for the second session.

 For the second session of Future Flyers, the theme was “Triathlon”. There were three events that the Future Flyers took part in:

  • “Dry Swimming” – this was done on mats or benches, and the pupils did exercises that focus on either arms, legs or both, for short bursts of time.
  • “Cycling” – this was done on the static bikes used for the spin classes at the centre. Lucia said that this was “the funnest bit!”. They did normal cycling, uphill, flat and sprints. 
  • “Sprints” – this was running drills back and forth across the sportshall.

Supporting the children in the session were representatives from Chichester’s “Tri Club”, who gave the children a free entry ticket in to the Chichester Triathlon or duothon, a chocolate bar and information about how they can sign up for Tri Club.  

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