Huff ‘n’ Puff Introduction (27/03/19)

Mr Neaves, 29 Mar 2019

We had someone from Everyone Active come in to run a session with our Y1s today.


“The Huff & Puff programme has two major outcomes. Firstly “physical development”, secondly “family engagement”. This project provides the platform for families to be active together whilst developing the children’s core skills. 

A member of the SSP/Everyone Active team will come to the school and host a launch. This brief introduction to the programme is delivered to parents. The programme caters for 30 children. Schools can select which children involve, whether it be on a first come first serve basis, class based or targeting inactive children/families.

The launch takes place in either the morning, when parents drop off, or at the end of the day when collecting for parental ease. The launch explains how the project works, emphasises its benefits, gives the parents the opportunity to ask the organiser any questions and demonstrates the activities the children will learn. All children will then receive their “huff & puff” bag. This includes basic equipment to run activities as well as a guide/log booklet. The concept is for families to practice these fun ”core skill developing activities” at home for 5/6 weeks together. They are then invited to the Westgate Leisure Centre for the Huff & Puff festival- this includes having all the children together showing the skills they have learnt during the last few weeks, as well as being rewarded with fun bouncy castle recreational time. Families are encouraged to attend and work with their children at the festival. They will receive information and various discounted opportunities at the sports centre, as well as having the opportunity to socialise in the café and see all the facilities available at Westgate.

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