Intra-school Dodgeball Y6 – Cross the River (09/05/19)

Mr Neaves, 10 May 2019

Rain caused us to abandon our athletics outside, so we used the opportunity to play an extra intra-house sports competition – and to allow our Y6s to have a taste of our new dodgeballs!

Intra-school Dodgeball Y6 – Cross the River (09/05/19)

As we have done with the younger children previously this year, the pupils were tasked with crossing from one side of the hall to the other, evading the dodge balls which were thrown by other pupils from the sides. There were mats marked out as 'safety zones' along the way. Pupils rotated between being runners, defenders and 'spotters', who were tasked with calling out who had been hit. During the lesson, pupils were encouraged to spot when was the best time to run, as well as decide on the least dangerous path. 

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