ELAN Athletics Event 4th June 2019

Mrs Carratt, 7 Jun 2019

8 young athletes from Locking Primary school attended an ELAN event held at Mead Vale Primary School

ELAN Athletics Event 4th June 2019

On Tuesday 4th June four children from year 3 and four children from year 4 went to a Quad Kid athletics event held at Mead Vale.  There were four events being held for the children:  A throwing event using a foam javelin, sprinting (60m),  400m and Standing Long Jump.  4 young people from Weston College along with Mr Molland our Sport Champion from ELAN explained how to take part in each event.

Matthew (yr 4), Zac and Ben (yr 3) took part in the throwing and the sprinting whilst April, Sunny-Lea, Macy (yr 4), Tia and Sienna (yr 3) took part in the 400m and the Standing long jump before the rain came down and stopped the games early.  Every time I have the opportunity to take our youngsters to an event they never cease to amaze me with their eagerness to give everything 100%.  Once again this was another amazing event organised by Mr Mulland. 

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