Mojo Event 22 May 2019

Mrs Carratt, 7 Jun 2019

Ten year 3 and year 4 children had the chance to take part in some activities that would give them believe in themselves.

Mojo Event 22 May 2019


On Wednesday 22 May 2019 the sun was shining and I had the privilege of escorting ten year 3 and year 4 children to Mojo Active. Mojo Active promotes fun and teamwork, leadership and learning away from the normal school environment. The youngsters who I accompanied are not so confident in class and sometimes they do not believe in themselves so much.

Our first activity was the low ropes where the children had to manoeuvre around a set of challenges using balance and coordination. Sharntay and William were off and completed the course quickly without touching the ground once. Joanna, Oshun, Olivia, Bobby and Zach were up next and again they completed the course without falling off. Marco, Poppy and Lola were all a little apprehensive to start with and gave 100% and they too completed the challenge. All the children had another go at completing the challenges and believe me there was no stopping them!

The next activity was the tunnel maze where there are lots of tunnels underground. I had a go myself and I could not see my hand in front of my face it was that dark! Some of the children were very apprehensive of having a go but every single one of them had a shot at it. One of the girls in the group could not go into a cave at Cheddar Gorge at the beginning of the year. With encouragement from both staff and her friends she gave it a go. By the end she was in and out of these tunnels with so much confidence that she brought a tear to my eye. 

We then moved on to a challenge which involved using metal poles through posts in the ground to get all ten children from one end to another. These metal poles had to be put through holes in the posts and the children only had 5 of these poles but they had 10 posts to cross! This challenge showed that these children who did not have much confidence at the start of the day had grown together and created a great team. They provided each of their team mates with positive encouragement and they were telling each other what to do and every single one of these children managed to complete this challenge.

After the break the children had a go at some of the challenges on the obstacle course such as rope over water, climbing wall and scramble net. These children make me feel so proud, as once again every single one of them had a go. Some could not do the rope over the water but the fact is they gave it a go and when they couldn’t do it they still provided encouragement to their team mates.

Watching these children grow in confidence and believe that actually they can do it truly was an amazing experience. Our instructor Jack who accompanied us around for the morning was fabulous with the children and was so positive throughout always encouraging them and giving them tips on how to deal with an activity.

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