Year 4/5 Dodecathlon

Mrs Carratt, 16 Jan 2019

12 event "Dodecathlon" held at Hutton Moor


On Monday 14th January we took 16 children to take part in a Dodecathlon event held at Hutton Moor by North Somerset Schools PE Association. We had two teams taking part – our “Underworld” team consisted of Gemma, Megan Ben.W, Austin, Lewis (year 5) and Amy, Amelia and Harvey (year 4). Our “Igwharl” team consisted of Mason, Honey, Eden, Jacob (year 5) and Maisy, Evie, Jack and Freddie (year 4). We started in Game-zone 2 and these events included “Putting pickup”, “Ten pins”, “Agility Relay”, “Fill the house”, “Around the clock” and “Catch the bird”. These events involved running, throwing, putting and catching. The next round was in Game-zone 1 and these events were “Keep it moving”, “Toads in the hole”, “Giant speed stackers”, “Boccia – Fill the house”, “cornhole challenge” and “Recycling service”. The children had to run, use a racket to get an item into a recycling box, stack and unstack cups and throw certain items. All our children had fun and showed great sportsman ship and once again we had 100% effort. Thank you to the NSSPEA who once again provided an excellent sporting event.

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