Competitions at NEPS

Jessica Walk and Ina Iliovski, 20 Jan 2022

North Ealing Schools sports activities include: Netball, Football and many more.


On Friday 23rd October, the Y6 and Y5 Netball game was held at Ellen Wilkinson School for girls. North Ealing Primary School played competitively, to end up in 3rd place, an incredible achievement.North Ealing also got the Spirit Of The Games Award. North Ealing have shown compassion and sportsmanship in the competition. Our school attends all possible sports competitions and activities inside and outside of school run by Willow Tree. 

North Ealing also participates in a range of different football competitions for girls, boys and mixed. Our school has placed in a range of different places third, second and even first. North Ealing also arranges friendly's with Montpelier Primary.

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