Girls Football Competition

E Beare, 6 Jun 2023

An amazing win for NES!

The  competition has started with the Willow Tree team leader explaining the rules. The first game is Petts  Hill, our defence line was strong with Fatima and Molly. In the fifth  minute Lila scored an epic goal. The  game ended with a 1-0 victory.

Next up to play was North Ealing B. against St Vincent B. Mariam, our goalie, was focused. Ala had her head in the game finding space to receive the ball. The game ended with 0-0.

Thirdly, we played Willow Tree vs North Ealing. Lila scored a penalty and then an amazing goal 2 minutes after that. Lilly and Victorious determined were to defeat them. We won 2-0. On the other pitch it was 0-0 for North Ealing B.

Round four saw North Ealing play St Vincents A. We were so enthusiastic that Fatima`s glasses even fell off! Maya played very well. The game ended with a 1-0 loss. The other team also lost. Round 5 ended with us playing each other. Lila scored a wonderful goal with Nadja coming in with a goal. Lila scored a third goal, but not without Alana putting up a great defence .

The penultimate game was Willow Tree against North Ealing, which ended in 0-0. 

In the final game, within the first 2 minutes, Lila scored a brilliant goal following up with a own goal from St Vincets. The game was an awesome win for North Ealing. We won 4-0. 

North Ealing B won the respect award. North Ealing A came 1st and won!

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