QuadKids Athletics

Arjun Dhawan and Mia Sacker (Sports Ambassadors), 10 May 2019

NES day out at QuadKids Athletics

QuadKids Athletics

Yesterday (9.5.19) North Ealing participated in Quadkids Athletics at Perivale Athletics Track in Ealing.  It was a very damp and rainy day but we managed to complete all of the events. We took part in 600m, 75m sprint , Votex howler (javelin) and standing Long jump. We did extremely well and returned home with a 2nd place medal for the emerging team and 3rd place for the established team. 

It was a very enjoyable day. 

When we returned the other children said we looked drenched from the rain although really happy that we had won medals as a team. We even had to do Athletics club after school too! 

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