Sport at North Ealing School

Ted Chase and Francesca Young, 22 Jan 2018

A brief overview about clubs and sporting opportunities at North Ealing School.

Here at North Ealing Primary, we are lucky to have a  a variety of sports clubs, and most of those clubs attend competitions. These clubs include; 

Hockey- Basketball- Football- Gymnastics, Tennis and Cricket in the Summer, and all of these clubs include both boys and girls. The only downside to this however is that some children have very busy timetables, which is why we have the daily mile. The daily mile is a short circit that goes around our playground and when our teachers feel that their class is lacking concentration they will take us out for a 15 minute run around on one of our  two tracks. We also have healthy eating restrictions on our lunchboxes, only allowing us  sugary snacks one day a week. We think we are a healthy, active school which encourages  sport, and a nutritious diet. 

See you in May- Francesca and Ted 

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