4v4 Basketball tournament

Mr Hunwicks, 14 Nov 2019

Northbury Basketball team crash out of the 4v4 by only 1 point after narrow loss to current champions St Teresa's

4v4 Basketball tournament

Pool 2 - St Teresa's Sparks, Marsh Green Lakers, Northbury Bruins, Valence Hurricanes

Marsh Green Lakers 0 Northbury Bruins 12

St Teresa's Sparks 4 Northbury Bruins 2

Valence Hurricanes 4 Northbury Bruins 8

Pool 3 - Northbury Supersonics, St Teresa's Blues, Marsh Green Knicks, Rush Green Captains

Northbury Supersonics 4 Rush Green Captains 4

Northbury Supersonics 0 Marsh Green Knicks 0

Northbury Supersonics 4 St Teresa's Blues 6

Pool 5 - St Peter's Bulldogs, Monteagle Magic, Northbury Stags, Valence Saints

Monteagle Magic 0 Northbury Stags 2

St Peter's Bulldogs 4 Northbury Stags 2

Valence Saints 2 Northbury Stags 0

A really impressive display from the Northbury team who worked hard in training to prepare for the competition.  Overall we finished in total with

Games played - 9

Games won - 3

Games drawn - 2

Games lost - 4

Really proud of all the children that took part in the competition at Eastbury Comprehensive!

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