Year 5 / 6 Borough Athletics Competition

Mr Hunwicks, 1 Jul 2019

Our Year 5's placed 2nd out of 28 schools at the Borough Athletics Competition Our Year 6's placed 13th out of 27 schools at the Borough Athletics Competition

Year 5 / 6 Borough Athletics Competition

Year 5 teams

Boys: Jepthah, Ismail, Joshua, Kamal

Girls: Leighana, Lily-Mae, Kelese, Beatriz

Year 6 teams 

Boys: Kehinde, Taiwo, Barimah, Nataniel

Girls: Rosalie, Jazlyn, Olivia, Kayla

Each child took part in 4 events on the day

1. 75m sprint race

2. 600m middle distance race

3. Nerf Vortex Howler throw

4. Standing long jump

In the afternoon each team took part in the relay race with each child from each year group running 50m for their team.

Year 5 came 3rd in the relay 

Year 6 came 8th in the relay

Well done to all of our children that took part in the Borough Athletics!! Everyone at Northbury is proud of you!  

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