Year 4 Tri-Golf Festival

Mr Keady, 15 Jul 2019

After several training sessions, it was time for our Year 4 tri-golfers to represent the school in the Borough Finals at Chessington School.

Year 4 Tri-Golf Festival

On Thursday 20th June 2019, ten children from Year 4 represented the school in a tri-golf festival at Chessington school. Following activities in PE lessons and after-school training sessions in the pouring rain, the O.L.I. squad were more than ready for the competition to get underway. The ten-school event consisted of children working in teams on a range of putting and chipping activities, using child-friendly equipment. On the astro-turf pitches of the venue, each school attempted to collect as many points as possible on the five golfing activities.

The O.L.I. team made a great start to the festival by successfully putting to hit all cones in the ‘Finders Keepers’ station, which meant the team were able to collect double points in a second effort- the only school to do so in their half of the draw. The team made a brilliant start with 87 points. The second station was team favourite ‘Zoneball’. In this station the aim is to hit the middle yellow cone to gain a maximum of 10 points per shot. O.L.I. did excellently with most putts gaining at least 5 points. The team continued their brilliant start by scoring well over 100 points on this station. 

The third station, ‘Over the middle’, consisted of pupils chipping the ball over a set of cones to gain five points and if they managed to land it in a selected area, they would score 10 points per chip. The team did fantastically on this station, showing great technique by opening the club face and brushing the ground to ensure the ball travelled in the air. The team scored a very impressive points score of 264. The penultimate station was the putting-based ‘Tunnel ball’, where you decide to putt from varied distances with the aim for the ball to roll inside a hoop. The team showed great accuracy in this challenging putting activity to again score an excellent station total. The final station that awaited the team was Mr Keady’s favourite- ‘Dominoes’ with pupil is required to make a straight putt to hit the first cone in a set. The team certainly transferred their excellent training on this station with a superb final performance. This station showcased the great teamwork and communication skills that the children showed during the festival, with all team members recalling mantra of ‘CLUB, BALL and PLACE.’ 

Following the completion of the five stations, all of the schools were made to nervously wait while the scores were collected by the event organisers. While the O.L.I team knew they performed well, they were unsure in comparison to the other nine schools also competing. Following the awarding of 3rd and 2nd place, O.L.I’s name had still not been called. However, the team did not have to wait too long as O.L.I, with an incredible 664 points, were announced as the festival winners and Borough champions. 

I would like to congratulate Daniel, Noel, Isabelle, Julia, Lyla, Klara, Aaron, William V, Francesca and William R for their fantastic performances. The team did brilliantly throughout the afternoon, showing great skill, teamwork and perseverance. They were fully prepared in every station and showed great school spirit. Many thanks to the parents and carers who provided transport to the venue and support at the festival. The team, as Borough champions, will now represent Kingston at the London Youth Games at Crystal Palace Sports Centre.  

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